Feb. 28 -- Three Quick Mets Thoughts

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Back in chilly NJ, it seems a lot of the action is in Port St. Lucie.

1. They can say whatever they want about precautions, but the fact is that Johan Santana has now been scratched from two appearances because his elbow hurts. That's five-alarm info, and the alarms won't stop sounding until the man gets on a mound and feels good throwing.

2. I agree completely with the premise of this John Harper column. Regarding the idea of batting Luis Castillo first and Jose Reyes third (or anywhere else), I can see where it might be a good motivating factor for Castillo. But if there's even a one percent chance that it might have a negative effect on Reyes, it's not worth doing. He's too good the way he is, and too important to mess with.

3. I have known Livan Hernandez for 13 years, and covered his most glorious season. I have followed his career since then, and while I understand he is not the pitcher he was when he was younger, and that his numbers in recent seasons have been dreadful, I would not bet against him in a competition such as this one.

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metsapotamia said :
March 2, 2009 at 1:35 AM
What a petty, unprofessional, childish act by David Wright and Ryan Church.
The refused to go on the WFAN Mike Francesca show when he was in Mets camp because he had the nerve to criticize the players once or twice.
I guess you have to be blind Mets homers in the media to get them to do interviews.
I heard Delgado and Beltran also would not do an interview.

Paula, New York City
March 4, 2009 at 11:37 AM
Looks like you were right on the A-Rod hip issue. You were the first to break it and yet you get no credit, welcome to the life of a blogger Dan.

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