Derek Lowe/Braves Update

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I was just told by a person familiar with the talks that the Braves' offer to Derek Lowe is "not significantly different" from the offer the Mets have made. This person is under the impression that the Mets may have increased their offer to the $39 million-$40 million range (over three years), and that the Braves' offer does not exceed three years and $40 million.

If that's the case, then Lowe would basically be picking between similar offers from the Mets and the Braves, and it would come down to where he wanted to play. The Braves hope he would choose Atlanta over New York, which is why they've decided to jump back in.

A person familiar with the Braves' thinking told me today that nothing has changed their plans in the past month. Just because they lost AJ Burnett to the Yankees and John Smoltz to the Red Sox doesn't mean they're going to overspend to bring in Lowe or somebody like that. They were offering five years for Burnett because they thought he was a special case, and they don't put Lowe in his class, so they're not going to just take their planned Burnett money and shift it to Lowe.

They do like Lowe at around $13 million - $14 million per year, though, and at three years. And they hope he'd prefer Atlanta to New York, though I haven't found anybody who has any insight into what Lowe is thinking on where he'd rather live.

Incidentally, the person familiar with the Braves' thinking told me Atlanta would have "minimal" interest in Oliver Perez if they couldn't sign Lowe.

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