You can take the clown out of New York....

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I mean, Carl Pavano. What a tremendous disaster of a human being.

You may have heard the former Yankee (yes, he really did pitch for them -- it's just so hard to remember, jumbled as the actual appearances are with the real injuries, the made-up injuries, the car accidents and the hopping around the country from doctor to doctor looking for somebody, anybody who'd tell him he needed surgery) signed with the Cleveland Indians earlier this week.

Well, today, the big fella talked with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and managed to take a shot or two at his former organization.

"All that stuff only makes you stronger," said Pavano. "When you're down, you expect your organization to support you and not kick you. I had a lot of setbacks in New York. A lot of trials and tribulations. It just made me stronger."

Somewhere, there is steam coming out of Brian Cashman's ears. Right? Cashman has defended this guy so much -- at the expense of pieces of his own reputation -- that it's incomprehensible for this clown to go off to Cleveland and say something like this.

Look, I'm not some big Yankee rooter here. They make mistakes, they waste money, it's not going to break me up. Somebody says something bad about them and it's justified, I'm not going to rush to defend them. But this guy? He'd be a lot better off shutting up and thinking about all the money the Yankees just paid him for four years for doing absolutely nothing.

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